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Vertical City


Design for Sustainable Living

Publication Date: 2015

Location: Worldwide

Working closely with authors Kenneth King, AIA  and Kellogg Wong, FAIA, FORM was asked to develop as close to possible “zero carbon footprint”, “zero terror/security threat” solutions addressing two current scenarios faced in developing locations around the world, especially in China:

1-people leaving Inner Mongolia dissatisfied with new cities that lack identity, community or support services & amenities.

2-people overwhelming existing city resources as they migrate to established cities for work. To address the need for essentially “instant cities” that will be highly sustainable & secure,

The authors, working with FORM NY under the project management of Maria Sevely consulted more than 20 internationally renowned experts & synthesized the findings into proposals for

A: a fully functioning city core of 6-10 story urban “podium” that would mimic established city street structure with shops, schools, etc., with taller structures for residential and office use. As the population increases, this core will become the nucleus for a natural city while imparting instant identity & thereby prestige for the initial population.

B: a “bedroom community” focused primarily on providing residences & support facilities for newcomers at the edges of established cities.