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Newhouse School

Syracuse University

Location: Syracuse, NY

The building, of cast-in-place concrete, is in the form of a Greek (equal arm) Cross housing three stories under a flat roof. From a height of 32 feet, a multifaceted skylight sheds light on Dedication Hall, which engages the entire center of the building.

The architects called the design an “iceberg” because most of its spaces were underground. Two stories are submerged under the West Plaza of the “iceberg”, totaling almost half of the structure’s 76,000 square feet.

Above ground, the first floor houses the dean’s offices, along with a public lounge and a journalism library. The second holds lecture and seminar rooms, an editing laboratory and a news laboratory. The third contains offices for journalism faculty members and for press associations.

In Affiliation with Pei Cobb Freed & Partners